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216 pcs NEOCUBE 5mm SILVER Magnetic Balls Neodymium Magnets

216 pcs NEOCUBE 5mm SILVER Magnetic Balls Neodymium Magnets
216 pcs NEOCUBE 5mm SILVER Magnetic Balls Neodymium Magnets
216 pcs NEOCUBE 5mm SILVER Magnetic Balls Neodymium Magnets
216 pcs NEOCUBE 5mm SILVER Magnetic Balls Neodymium Magnets
216 pcs NEOCUBE 5mm SILVER Magnetic Balls Neodymium Magnets
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216 PIECES - the set contains a large and practical amount of balls made of strong neodymium magnets with a diameter of 5mm, which will ensure many hours of great mental fun; Strongly attracting magnets create an amazing and intriguing puzzle.

WAKES UP INTELLECTUALY - playing with balls exercises both hemispheres of the brain, requires creativity and spatial imagination, and also develops the ability to create structures; a strong magnetic field enables the creation of unbelievable geometric and spatial forms.

METAL BOX - the set is in an aesthetic, solid, round case with a removable lid, thanks to which the balls can be easily taken to friends, on a trip or anywhere else.

GIFT IDEA - the original product will certainly bring a lot of joy to the recipient, who will remember us every time we take it in their hands.


diameter: 5mm
package dimensions (length / width / height): 7/7 / 4.5 cm
weight: 0.14 kg

Fun and manual puzzles allow you to spend time in a great way, both alone and with a larger group. Most games and puzzles require a simple reaction from us, achieving the goals set in advance. This, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to create your own, and also ensures satisfaction and joy with the results!

The set includes 216 BBs. Such a large number allows for their practical use, and also guarantees many hours of great and inspiring mental fun. Perfect, nickel-plated balls with a diameter of 5mm are very strong neodymium magnets that create an amazing and intriguing puzzle that undoubtedly stimulates intellectually and fantastically develops our creativity, as well as the ability to create structures. Extremely strong magnetic field allows you to create unbelievable geometric shapes. Interestingly, 1 ball picks up the remaining 215 balls without any problems, which makes the puzzle even more attractive!

The ball set is a truly unique item that you will not want to part with. It is reusable and you will never get bored.

The solid material used for the production of the balls guarantees their durability and affects the length of the product's life.

The set is light and small, packed in an aesthetic, round, metal box with a removable lid, which will look nice on a shelf or chest of drawers, while being an attractive decoration. The case will allow you to take them with you to your friends, on a trip or anywhere else. The balls will surely arouse the interest of the environment and will undoubtedly make others focus on us. The box lined with a soft foam inside also has a protective function. Thanks to this, there is no risk that the balls will be damaged or lost.

Brilliant fun for everyone, regardless of age and gender. Magnetic balls are a great gift idea for various occasions. The original product will surely bring a lot of joy to the recipient, who will remember about us every time they take it in their hands.

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