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720W HotAir Soldering Station Yihua 995D+ 100-480°C Memory

720W HotAir Soldering Station Yihua 995D+ 100-480°C Memory
720W HotAir Soldering Station Yihua 995D+ 100-480°C Memory
720W HotAir Soldering Station Yihua 995D+ 100-480°C Memory
720W HotAir Soldering Station Yihua 995D+ 100-480°C Memory
720W HotAir Soldering Station Yihua 995D+ 100-480°C Memory
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Yihua 995D soldering station + 2in1 hotair memory
The Yihua 995D + soldering station is equipped with a powerful heating element that guarantees quick heating and durability of the heater. It has smooth airflow and temperature regulation. The handle of the soldering iron has an air turbine with a high flow, maximum 120l / min, its brushless motor works quietly and provides a stable airflow. The station has been designed for soldering with such components as SOIC, QFP, PLCC, BGA, SMD ..... as well as heating, heating shrink sleeves, defrosting, dissolving adhesives, burning paints, heating ...

The Yihua995D + soldering station is also equipped with a high-power soldering iron capable of quickly heating the tip to the expected temperature as well as compensating for heat loss during soldering. It has ESD SAFE protection to protect electronic components from damage. The station's handle is small and convenient to use, the station uses a popular type of tips, so you can use one of more than 30 models of tips (in stock).

The whole thing is digitally controlled, and the parameters are displayed on a large and easy to read LCD display.


3 work programs for hotair and soldering. It allows you to quickly switch settings depending on the type of job.
2 in 1 station soldering iron tip and hotair
high-quality heating elements used in the soldering iron are characterized by a long service life and thermal efficiency.
the hotair gun can work in automatic or manual mode. In the automatic mode, after putting the gun back onto the stand, the station automatically starts to cool down and after reaching a temperature that is safe for the heater, it also turns off the air supply.
The soldering iron also has a sleep function when not in use with an adjustable time from 1 to 99 minutes.
Digital temperature calibration independent for both modules.
Possibility of displaying temperature in C and F scale
All controlled by PID controller
Large, easy to read LCD display
Made in ESD Safe technology
Compact housing
Silent fan blowing, not causing vibrations

Technical data:

Supply voltage 220-240V AC
Power consumption: 720W
Dimensions: 260 x 165 x 148mm
Working conditions: 0-50ºC
Storage conditions: -20 - 80ºC

Hot Air module:

Blowing source: Brushless Fan
Maximum air flow: 120 l / min
Working temperature range: 100-480ºC
Temperature stability: +/- 1ºC
Display type: LCD
Connection cable length: up to 90 cm

Soldering Iron module

Power: 50-100W changing power with increasing temperature
Temperature range: 200-480 degrees Celsius
Potential between tip and ground: <2mv
Resistance between tip and ground: <2ohm
Temperature stability: +/- 1ºC
Display type: LCD
Connection cable length: up to 90 cm
Soldering Iron model: 907L
Protection: ESD Safe


Yihua 995D + soldering station
A stand for a soldering iron with a tip cleaning sponge (the sponge should be moistened before work)
Model 907L soldering iron with a type I tip
Gripper for lifting chips
A set of nozzles:
Round with a diameter of 4.4 mm
round with a diameter of 8mm
round with a diameter of 9mm
square 12x12mm
Power cord
Users Manual

2 years warranty

The tool comes with Schuko mains plug. Free adapter for Irish wall sockets is included in the set.

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