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Annular Neodymium Magnets for Flat Screw

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Neodymium magnets for flat screw

Cylindrical or cuboidal neodymium magnets with one or two holes for a screw. The holes allow the magnet to be screwed to a non-magnetic surface. Screw magnets are very easy to install. Thanks to the screw or a countersunk screw, the assembly of the magnet is fast, durable and simple. We can easily attach them to e.g. wood, plastic or metal. Screw magnets are often used in workshops, garages, doctor's offices, and tattoo studios as an attachment to various elements. Our offer includes magnets with two poles, thanks to which the customer can connect two magnets with each other.

N-number means magnet strength (i.e. N35, N48). The higher this number is, the stronger is the magnet.

For information on production of neodymium magnets for individual needs, please contact us.

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