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Rescue Neodymium Magnets & Handles

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Neodymium magnetic holders, Rescue Magnets: 

Extremely strong magnets for versatile use. Thanks to the use of a steel housing, we obtain additional protection against magnet damage and an increased concentrated force of attraction.
We offer neodymium handles: conical, cylindrical, with external thread, with a sleeve with internal thread and with internal thread. The handles are widely used in industry, construction, agriculture, automotive, advertising. They are often used for the exploration of water reservoirs, thanks to which they are very helpful in cleaning them from various types of iron-containing elements. They are perfect for the recently very fashionable "hobby" - as magnets for "exploration". Our offer includes magnets with two poles, thanks to which the customer can connect two magnets with each other.

Upon customer's request, we can make neodymium magnetic holders in other shapes and sizes.