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Soldering Iron Tips

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Tip selection and soldering comfort

Beginning electronics engineers often do not pay much attention to the shape and size of the tip. Meanwhile, the appropriate selection of this inconspicuous soldering iron equipment greatly increases the comfort of work, and - most importantly - significantly improves its effects. Too thin tip makes it difficult, and in extreme cases even prevents soldering of elements with high heat capacity - it is worth mentioning, for example, metal housing (shields) of connectors, thick wires or ... ground fields on printed circuit boards.

Therefore, it is worth having several tips of different sizes of the working tip at hand: thin, conical (for discrete SMD components), mini-wave tips (for soldering LQFP / TQFP housings) and standard conical tips for soldering smaller through-hole components. Due to the larger active surface, the cut tips work well, for example, when soldering large pads on a PCB.