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4kW 4000W 230V AC Voltage Regulator

4kW 4000W 230V AC Voltage Regulator
4kW 4000W 230V AC Voltage Regulator
4kW 4000W 230V AC Voltage Regulator
4kW 4000W 230V AC Voltage Regulator
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Complete and ready-to-use voltage regulator module 10 - 230V up to max. 4000W. The module is based on the BTA41 triac, has a built-in adjustment potentiometer and a heat sink.

The AC power regulator is a module with a cover and intensity regulation up to 4000W. The high-current system is very universal, therefore it can be used in many projects. You can regulate the engine speed, charging current in battery chargers, temperature in heaters or heaters, light intensity (dimmer). Thicker PCB paths ensure trouble-free operation.


Power: 4000W AC
Working voltage: 230V
Regulating range: 10-230V
Efficiency: 90% or more
Dimensions: 85 x 58 x 38 mm

Charge current control in rectifiers (transformer primary)
Speed ​​control of single-phase AC motors up to 4000W
Adjusting the light intensity (dimmer)
Temperature control in soldering irons
Smooth speed control of motors in power tools, fans, etc.
Regulation of the charging current in battery chargers
Regulation of heaters, radiators, etc.
And many others…
There are many applications because it is a very universal system.

The system has paths thicker than the standard system, which ensures trouble-free operation!

Important note regarding safety

On the side of the executive module, there is a life-threatening high voltage on the controller board !!!

Under no circumstances should you test the device without proper protection, as this may result in electric shock.

There is high voltage on almost every component inside the module. Be especially careful.

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