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75W Yihua 938 Soldering Station - Temperature Memory, Sleep, Automatic Switching-off

75W Yihua 938 Soldering Station - Temperature Memory, Sleep, Automatic Switching-off
75W Yihua 938 Soldering Station - Temperature Memory, Sleep, Automatic Switching-off
75W Yihua 938 Soldering Station - Temperature Memory, Sleep, Automatic Switching-off
75W Yihua 938 Soldering Station - Temperature Memory, Sleep, Automatic Switching-off
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Yihua 938 soldering station is an ideal alternative for people looking for a good station for small and medium service at an affordable price. Thanks to the powerful heater, the station quickly reaches the set temperature and quickly compensates for heat losses during operation. This allows you to lower the operating temperature compared to cheaper models. The station has implemented functions available in much more expensive models to improve the comfort and safety of work: temperature memory, sleep function and automatic shutdown.

Features of Yihua 938 station
Large, easy to read LCD display
Controlled by Samsung micro-controller ensures high temperature stability and fast heating
High quality heating elements ensuring their long service life
Ergonomic stock with a silicone overlay for better grip
The housing is made of high-quality, durable and aesthetic materials
The small one takes up little space at the workplace
Long cable to the stock about 1.5 m

Main functions of Yihua 938 station

3 pre-programmed temperatures: quick setting of a pre-programmed temperature by pressing button 1, 2 or 3.
Sleep function: if the buttstock is not used for a set period of time from 1-99 minutes, it goes into sleep mode in which the temperature is reduced to 200 ° C and maintained in this range until the station is used again. This extends the service life of tips and heating elements. In case of setting the time 0, the function is inactive.
Auto-off function: after the station goes into sleep mode, the station will remain in this state for a period of 1-99 minutes. If it is not used within this time, it will turn off automatically. This allows you to save electricity and improves safety at the position that the service technician could have already left, forgetting to turn off the devices.
Temperature correction function: after replacing heating elements, tips or changing the working environment, the station should be re-calibrated. The temperature correction allows a change in the range of +/- 50°
2 temperature scales to choose from: the ability to display the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit

Technical data of the station Yihua 938

Supply voltage: 220-240 V AC
Power consumption: 75W
Temperature range: 100-480 ° C
LCD display
Temperature stability: +/- 2 °
Potential to ground at the tip: <2mV
Earth resistance at the tip: <2ohm
Station dimensions 150 x 136 x 93mm (depth x width x height)
Working temperature from 0 to 40 ° C
Compact design with easy to read LCD display.
Functions: 3 preset temperatures, sleep, automatic switch-off, digital temperature correction, C or F scale


Yihua 938 Soldering station
Soldering iron 907N
907N stock holder with a metal YH-08C tip cleaner and a sponge
User's Manual
The tin that is on the stand is not included.

1 year warranty

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