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Arduino UNO R3 DIP Atmega328 CH340 AVR

Arduino UNO R3 DIP Atmega328 CH340 AVR
Arduino UNO R3 DIP Atmega328 CH340 AVR
Arduino UNO R3 DIP Atmega328 CH340 AVR
Arduino UNO R3 DIP Atmega328 CH340 AVR
Arduino UNO R3 DIP Atmega328 CH340 AVR
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UNO R3 features:
The module is fully compatible with Arduino Uno R3. it means that it can be programmed via the Arduino IDE environment using the available libraries.
The module has:
- Removable microprocessor chip - can be reprogrammed outside the motherboard,
- ATmega328P-PU microcontroller - the system is clocked with a 16MHz clock signal
- 14 digital inputs / outputs,
- 6 PWM channels - e.g. for controlling servos / motors npSG-90 6 analog inputs,
- popular communication interfaces,
- USB connector,
- DC power socket,
- RESET button,
- outputs for connecting the AVR programmer.

In order to run DFRduino, connect the system to the computer with a USB cable and select the Arduino Uno board in the Arduino IDE environment.

The module is mostly compatible with Duemilan and Diecimil shields.

As standard, the module has BLINK LED 13 program and bootloader.

Technical data:
- Supply voltage: 7 V to 12 V
- Fully compatible with Uno Rev3
- Microcontroller: ATmega328P-PU DIP - operating voltage 5V
- Maximum clock frequency: 16 MHz
- SRAM memory: 2 kB
- Flash memory: 32 kB 5kB reserved for bootloader
- EEPROM memory: 1 kB
- IN-OUT 14 inputs, including 6 PWM
- current efficiency of a single 40mA pin
- Number of analog inputs: 6 channels of A/C converter
- Serial interfaces: UART, SPI, I2C
External interrupts
- Connector: USB socket
- Soldered ISP connector
- Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 15 mm
- 2.54mm pin pitch for easy extension boards / shields installation

Notes to the manual and connection:

The module can be powered via a USB cable or an external device, such as an AC adapter, battery or accumulator. Switching the power source is automatic. The power supply plugs into a standard DC socket. The battery or other source is connected to the pins of the POWER - VIN connector.
Inputs / outputs
Arduino UNO has 14 digital I/O pins.
Each pin allows the consumption of current with a maximum intensity of 40mA, which allows direct connection of LEDs with resistors and control of other integrated circuits.
In addition to the standard I/O, some pins also have special functions such as the input on pin 2 as an external interrupt.
6 analog inputs are used to measure the voltage (up to 5V!). They can also be used as additional digital pins and in this case we get additional digital pins.
Programming: Creating and installing software is possible thanks to the free Arduino IDE. The Atmega16u2 programmer, already built into the board, allows you to send the program directly via USB cable. You can also program using external programmers such as: USBasp or UART converters.
ISCP connector allows you to connect an external AVR programmer. A detailed description can be found in the documentation and tutorial.
Through the UART connector, you can use the PL2303 Programmer or the AVR ISP programmer for programming.
Programmed via USB using the Atmega16u2 intermediary microcontroller
The module is compatible with arduino UNO R3
GOLDPIN pin headers

Useful links:
CH340 USB driver
IDE software

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