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LP1 "NoClean" Eco Flux 100 ml Bottle with Brush

LP1 "NoClean" Eco Flux 100 ml Bottle with Brush
LP1 "NoClean" Eco Flux 100 ml Bottle with Brush
LP1 "NoClean" Eco Flux 100 ml Bottle with Brush
LP1 "NoClean" Eco Flux 100 ml Bottle with Brush
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LP1 "NoClean" Eco Flux 100 ml Bottle with Brush
LP1 "NoClean" Eco Flux 100 ml Bottle with Brush

Liquid, chlorine-free, medium-active fluxing agent of the 2.1.3 A type in accordance with ISO 9454-1, being an alcoholic solution of organic compounds with a low solids content of ~4%.

Designed for the mechanized soldering of printed circuit boards on a double wave of binder in surface mounting. Ecologically safe

Instructions for use (application):
The fluxing agent can be applied onto soldered elements using the foam method, flux agent wave, spraying,
immersion or using a brush. Residues after this process do not show corrosive impacts and do not require removal.

soldering printed circuit boards on a binder wave.

Physicochemical properties:
Parameters UoM Result
Appearance – liquid, straw-coloured
Odour – sharp, alcoholic
Density at 20°C g/cm³ approx. 0.8 +/- 0.05
Solubility in water – partial with deposit formation

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Product code
Flux Type
ISO 9454-1 2.1.3 A
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